Blockchain Legislation

SanMarino Innovation is 100% owned by the Republic of San Marino and its function is to guide the long-term innovation strategy and the definition of innovation policies. The Government of the Republic is willing to take the initiative on this transformation and to promote digital innovation through the establishment of forward-looking legislations to foster the growth of the blockchain infrastructure. We are fascinated by the implicit revolution in Blockchain technology, which we expect will have an impact on the global economy above that of the Internet.

We are working on a first draft of a legislative framework for the blockchain sector backed by the strong will of the Republic to become a reliable and proactive legislative partner for innovators. Thus answering this questionnaire will help us collect your point of view and establish a recurrent dialogue.

"We are the oldest Republic in the world and we are proud to start a technology-driven transformation, and we believe this project will have a significant impact on the economy, driving the innovation sector to the center of our development strategy." 

Andrea Zafferani, Secretary of State for Industry

"We are creating the minimum base necessary to attract companies: clear rules of the game and an instrument of KYC that guarantees the integrity and transparency of the ecosystem."

Sergio Mottola, President of San Marino Innovation